Find The Bees Update Logs

Here will be all of the updates in Find The Bees.

Upcoming Updates:

  • 0.9.1: Added 21 (+1) New bees and implemented Easter Event 2022.

  • 0.9.2: Added higher protection for the new map, Removed Gamepasses and Bug Fixes.

  • 0.9.3: Added 1 Bee and Removed Easter Event 2022 and Bug Fixes.

  • 0.9.4: Added 2 Bees and the Club BeeCoin Dispenser.

  • 0.9.5: Added a Club Ticket Dispenser, Pastel Cannon (to transport to the sky) and a “Server Version” for the Changelog (in-game).

  • 0.9.6: Added 2 Bees, enchanced the way to get Sky Bee easier and ??? (will be revelated in the future).

  • 0.9.7: Rescaled the in-game Changelog (which should be more organized, but is for now to big for the mobile version), Bug fixes and Bring the BeeCoin spawning back (wasn’t active before).

  • Update 0.9.8:
    • Interface changed
    • Added a mob spawner (include Ladybug, Rhino Beetle, Spider, Mantis and Scorpion)
    • Added a starter sword (used to fight thoses mobs and more in the future)
    • Bug Fixes.
  • Update 0.9.9:
    ○ Interface changed
    ○ Added a new mob: The Gummy Crab
    This mob follows the player, once a player is to close from him, he will attack with he’s claws and do many damages.
    ○ Added the ability to save the inventory when the player dies
    ○ Lightning Changes (More brightness)
    ○ Bug Fixes.

  • Update 1.0.0:
    ○ Map Revamp
    ○ Added 15 new bees and more items
    ○ Added the ability to save the inventory when the player leaves
    ○ Added the shop
    ○ Added Puffshrooms
    ○ Modified the checklist
    ○ Bug Fixes.

  • Update 1.0.1, A small update:
    ○ Interface changed
    ○ Added 3 New Bees
    ○ Bug Fixes.

  • Update 1.0.2 - More Varieties Update:
    ○ Added 5 New Bees: Pink, Stone, Lava, King Lucky and ???
    ○ Added new items such as Kiwi, Grape, Star Jelly and Sparkly Jelly
    ○ Dispensers now work locally
    ○ Added 2 Minibosses: Redky Windy Bee and Redky Vicious Bee
    ○ Bug Fixes.

  • Update 1.0.3 - The Update that Changed a Lot
    ○ Added 5 New Bees: Firefly, Volcano, Dawn, Ice and Devil
    ○ Added Fireflies
    ○ Remake Sprouts & Puffshrooms
    ○ Many changes and bug fixes.
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