Find the Crowns

:wave: Welcome to the Official Devforum for Find the Crowns! All the information you need for this game is located here!

:fire: Thanks so much for 100 VISITS!! Version 6 has been released!

:question: What is Find the Crowns?

  • Find the Crowns is a new and up-coming Roblox Game! This game is founded by Payton’s Games! Your main goal in this game is find and collect all the Crowns located around the map! Can you find all the Crowns?

:newspaper: Update/Change Log

:star: = The Latest Update!
:wrench: = Update is Coming Soon!

(⭐) V.6 (06/10/2022)

Releases @ 100 Visits!

  • Limited Time 100 Visits Crown!
  • New Boss Map!
  • Zombie Boss Fight!
  • New Boss Crown!
  • New Parkour Crown!
  • Event Map!
  • Teleportation Parts!
  • New Icon!
  • CrownPedia GUI Update!
  • 100 Visits Trophy!
  • Devforum Changes! (Changes to this Devforum)
  • Premium Crown will now be given to Premium Members as soon as they join!
  • New Badge!
  • 70 Visits Trophy Removed!
  • 70 Visits Crown Removed!
  • Updates will now be published every 50 Visits!
  • All Crowns in the CrownPedia that has :hourglass: means it isn’t obtainable!
  • Products are no longer half off!
  • VIP Area has been removed from the Grass Map and now has its own map!
  • Much More!
V.5 (05/21/2022)

Thanks for 70 Visits!

  • Free VIP Servers!
  • 70 Visits Statue/Trophy!
  • Icon Update!
  • New Temporary Thumbnail!
  • 50% Off Sale!
  • New Limited Time Crown!
  • GUI Update!
  • Confetti Rain!
  • VIP Area
  • Updated Badge Descriptions!
  • System Messages Updated!
  • Map Is Now Smaller!
  • Much More!

:wrench: Chat/Name Tags

  • :crown:: Given to the Founder of the game!
  • :hammer:: Given to the Developers of the game!
  • :star:: Given to users, who own the VIP gamepass!
  • :tophat:: Given to users, who own Roblox Premium!

:page_with_curl: Ranks & Inspiration

  • Payton (@PaytonPlayz8604) - Founder
  • This game is inspired by all the other “Find the” games on Roblox!

:loudspeaker: FAQ

:hourglass: = Limited Time!
:shopping_cart: = On Sale!
:hammer: = No Longer Obtainable!
:wrench: = Coming Soon!
If any of the symbols/emojis are blurred it means it will be either Limited Time, On Sale, or Unobtainable when the next version is published!
#1: Does this game have Premium Benefits?

Yes, this game does have Premium Benefits!

  • :tophat:” Chat Tag
  • “Premium” Badge
  • Premium Crown

#2: What is the current Crown count?

The current Crown count is 10!
Basic Crowns:

  • Stone Crown
  • Tree Crown
  • Duck Crown
  • Time Crown
  • Parkour Crown
  • Boss Crown
    Limited Time Crowns:
  • [:hammer:] 70 Visits Crown
  • [:hourglass:] 100 Visits Crown
    Special Crowns:
  • VIP Crown
  • Premium Crown

#3: Will my data save?

Yes, your data will save!

#4: What perks do I get if I purchase the VIP gamepass?
Purchase the VIP Gamepass for :robux: 100!


  • :star:” Chat Tag
  • Access to the “VIP” Crown
  • “VIP” Badge
  • Access to the VIP Area

#5: When will Version 7 release & what is the current game version?

  • Version 7 will release when Find the Crowns hits a total of 200 visits!
  • The current game version is V. 6!

If any other FAQ should be added, please post a message on the Payton’s Games Group Wall!