Find the Estimated Time of Arrival When Teleporting?

My game teleports people to different game universes and I am wondering if there is a way to estimate how long it would take to arrive in the other universe. If I could put an estimate, people would be reassured that they are not just in an endless waiting queue.

Many games show the estimated time. I feel like this could be a useful feature on Roblox and that it should be added if there is no way to do it currently.

Sorry, the image I posted before is not what I wanted. I want a count down, not the elapsed time.

Are you suggesting this?

Then you should put this in #platform-feedback:web-features or use the post approval process.

Estimated time is usually an average + extra. You’d need to track a lot of teleports and send the time between the two and when they are fully loaded in to generate a good time.

If you have a match making system, like Overwatch there does the elapsed time is just the time that’s gone by since you’ve queued until you get a game. Nothing special at all.

Now, this is a feature request, you’d want to create a feature request;

I personally don’t see why this is needed as it really doesn’t provide anything that’s needed and each game is different and how they handle things. There’s no real way to generate an estimated time, and elapsed time doesn’t add much.

Why not simply add a timer that ticks infinitely until you teleport?

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This isn’t even a thing though. It’s not an ETA. It’s an estimate time in which you will join a game. A game lobby. This isn’t even dependent on the Teleport feature at all. It’s dependent on matchmaking. So basically however you are putting together matches is how you would tell a player how long the wait may be. How you’d do this is by finding the average time it takes to find/put-together a match. Teleport has nothing to do with this. You can’t ETA when someone will join a game. Their internet depicts that. Sure you can come close by using ping. But in triple A studios its still dependent on how beefy your computer is because the game has to load all the assets required for the level.

This is quite different for Roblox however. With StreamingEnabled that would modify the variables a lot both on the game you’re teleporting from and the game you’re teleporting to. A feature request for this isn’t needed.

Universe Scripts are coming soon enough in the pipeline, and you’ll be able to handle ETA for joining a match on your own. As far as having an ETA for TeleportService. You can’t because you’d have to take in account the players computer specs plus ping. Do you know how much technology differs in terms of specs?

If you cannot wait for UniverseScripts however, you can always use the HTTPService, and roll your own matchmaking to get this functionality :wink: Though you may also be able to use MessagingService at this point as well.

If you show your own custom loading screen when you teleport players you can easily handle elapsed time (Elapsed time ~= Estimated Time of Arrival).