Find the Perfect Font!

Have you ever found yourself trying to find the right font but couldn’t easily because there wasn’t a tool to preview all of the fonts with the same text at once?

Fear not I have made a tool for that…

Here’s a preview:

(Roblox doesn’t work well with Game DVR so not my fault it doesn’t fill the entire screen)

(might turn this into a plugin at some point)

This should significantly save time and make your decisions easier :}

Current features:

  • hover over a text button to get it’s font name
  • rich text enabled

Possible features:

  • BackgroundTransparency configuration
  • TextColor configuration
  • BackgroundColor configuration
  • TextSize configuration

feedback and collaboration is welcome!


This is really handy, ty for sharing it :relaxed:

open source the game or else this isn’t really possible


Please add more slides like an arrow, when you click it, fresh fonts appear. This is really helpful thankfor making it!

I would buy it if it’s cheap tbh it would be great

I might actually learn a bit about plugins and try to make my own HMMM SHOULD I? HMMM…

I would add collaborators to team create :smiley:

The game already displays all of the fonts Roblox has :upside_down_face:

I’d probably make it 20R$ lol what’s the point of selling it if you can use the game?

and yes you should definitely try making a plugin, so you can make custom tools, it’s almost like writing game code.


The only thing is that seems like creating plugins is weird, like you mostly don’t care an auto-complete for the functions at least in my testing and I don’t know how to move guis to make them work with plugins and stuff, do you have a good tutorial to source to? I really wanna learn plugins

Hot take, but I feel as if there isn’t really a point to this as google fonts already allows you to preview text on a lot more fonts than this allows you to, is there anything that makes this more useful to use than google fonts, or is it simply for ease-of-use as far as using a plugin instead of having to type in in your browser?

… It is for previewing fonts for your Roblox game.

I’m pretty sure we are restricted to 46 Fonts Roblox has for us, so using isn’t an option

unless we can upload our own fonts which I don’t think we’ll ever can because it’s easy to bypass certain words :wink:

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All the .ttf files are stored inside the roblox studio file, let me find it, I havent added any to test it so I dont know if you can add them but they are stored there


that doesn’t seem like the way to do this. if you want critique to your code, uncopylock the game so people can post their suggestions here for everyone to see, so not only you but others can benefit from it


This plugin is great for making 3D text and has a lot of fonts. For users not acquainted with Blender, this is what you gotta get. ThreeDText 2 - Roblox

Great stuff :wink: ! You should consider making this in plugin form where I think it would be a lot more useful instead of going in a game each time you could just open a window in studio.

Edit: just seen you already said that

Hey, sorry for bumping, but I made a plugin for this:

…This came out before your model.

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I know, but I bumped this before because I wanted to let the people in this topic know that there is a new plugin which can be used for this!