Find the server a user is in?

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I need a way, hopefully ingame, to join a user, hopefully via userid

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Dont know where to start

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Tried looking it up before, a while ago, with no results, i just need services i can use to grab hopefully some type of server id i can use with teleport service, anything helps. Gotta do this becuase of Roblox’s server update, thanks Roblox…

Also to note, only need to tp within the same game, this is to easily join exploiters

sounds dumb but i believe there is a fire to all servers thing, do that and make it start some function with the inputted userid, if userid is found have that server fire back to urs saying we found it along with its game id or smth IDK LO and then IDK MAN, prob best to use like some 3rd party plugin haha

Not really sure what kind of teleport u are talking about. Is what ur trying to make similar to the Loomian Legacy has?

Dunno how horribly ineffecient this method would be, BUT:

You could use MessagingService to send a message to all servers. Each server would then look for the player name passed with the message, and if it finds them, returns their own ID or smth

I want a way for moderators to force join users, hopefully via userid, while in another server. What it will do is, once a id is put in, it will find the server that player is in, then teleport the mod over to that server.

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Utilise PublishAsync/SubscribeAsync to send a query to all active servers in the same experience.
(MessagingService:PublishAsync, MessagingService:SubscribeAsync)

To join a server that responds affirmative, you can get it’s game.JobId (like a server code) and use TeleportService to join that specific server.

To find a specific user ID, a server can use it’s SubscribeAsync to loop through the player list and find a match. If it does, use another PublishAsync topic to tell the mod’s server that the player was found in there, where the mod’s server will fire a teleport request with the specific JobId.


hey i just spent like 45 minutes setting this up and then found out that TeleportService:GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync exists. so uh just use that


i see that the link gets clicked a lot so btw here is the code I use to allow moderators to teleport to a specific user’s server

local Success, userId = pcall(function()
	return Players:GetUserIdFromNameAsync(username_of_player_to_teleport_to)
if not Success then
	return "Failure to read username: " .. tostring(userId)

local Success, This_Instance, errorMsg, placeId, jobId = pcall(function()
	return TeleportService:GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync(tonumber(userId))
if placeId then
	local Success, warning = TeleportService:TeleportToPlaceInstance(placeId, jobId, player_who_is_teleporting)
	if not Success then
		return "Place found, teleport failed: " .. tostring(warning)
	return "Failed: " .. tostring(This_Instance)