:FindFirstChild() acting funny

I’m trying to create a very simple script that inserts a LocalScript into the player’s character. For some other miscellaneous reasons, it can’t be put straight into StarterCharacterScripts.

local part = script.Parent
local localScript = part.ForceFirstPerson

	local player = game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent)
	if player then
		if player:FindFirstChild("ForceFirstPerson") ~= nil then return end
		local newLocalScript = localScript:Clone()
		newLocalScript.Parent = player.Character
		newLocalScript.Enabled = true

I’ve determined that the issue with this script would seem to be the :FindFirstChild() statement, unless I am mistaken. For context, this is in a regular script. When you touch the part, it skips over the :FindFirstChild() and duplicates a bajillion local scripts.

My main question is that can anybody help me get to the root of this problem, or find a workaround?

Have you tried :WaitForChild() to see if it yields?

(you can just do if player:FindFirstChild("ForceFirstPerson") then return end btw)

I’ve replaced the :FindFirstChild() with :WaitForChild(), and I’ve confirmed that it does indeed yield.

Does player.ForceFirstPerson load on client?

The script is located within a part, and the localscript is a descendant of said script.

sorry for late response time, i lost control of the day

newLocalScript.Parent = player.Character
Puts it in CHARACTER

Checks in the PLAYER


if player.Character:FindFirstChild("ForceFirstPerson") then return end

That makes a lot of sense… silly oversight by me. Going to mark this as the solution, thank you for the help!

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