I was just messing around, when I found: FindFirstDescendant. Is this feature finally coming?

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For new features you should search within #updates:announcements

Still pending.


I don’t know why they would add that, because there’s already game:FindFirstChild(‘blah’, true). The second argument is whether or not to check descendants.


I know, was thinking the exact same thing.

Maybe like, :FindFirstDescendantOfClass()?

I mean, if that error is true then they must’ve added it for some reason. Nice find!

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function getFirstDescendant(Parent, Name)
  table.foreach(Parent:GetDescendants(), function(index, object)
    if object.Name == Name then return object end

Or literally just

local SomeObj = Instance:FindFirstChild("Obj", true)
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FindFirstDescendant() I find very convenient and easy to use while coding. Instead of making an entire loop every time you want to find the descendant of an instance (or the child of a child of a child … etc of an instance), you can simply use a single function. Currently the output prints that FindFirstDescendant() is not enabled, as shown in your picture, so I am hoping that I can find a way to enable it in the future. I really love the concept of this feature and I’ve been waiting so long to get something like this. I would also be happy to see FindFirstDescendantOfClass(), WaitForDescendant(), etc. It just makes coding more convenient to be able to search through descandents so easily.

You can use this instead:

Instance:FindFirstChild("Obj", true)

This will loop through the object’s descendants.