Finding a point on a constraint

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Recently I’ve been wanting to string flags between buildings at an equal distance apart. I thought the best way would be to use a rope constraint and then I could incrementally place a flag along its arc.

I have been trying to replicate the way that Roblox shows a ropes catenary curve but to no avail. I’d really love to see a way to obtain a global coordinate from a point along a rope. Seeing as there are ways to read an attachments global position it would be nice to be able to find the global position of any point along a constraint like rope, or rod.

Perhaps a function like “Constraint:GetPositionAt(0.5)” could solve this?
Using the input of 0.5 would return the global position found at the centre of the rope and using the input of 0.25 would return the global position found a quarter the way along the rope, et cetera.

Below I have attached a gif of my attempt to demonstrate the idea.


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You could just use multiple ropes?


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While multiple ropes is a solution it does still have its problems, one of which being that parts have mass and pull the ropes to their full length, not allowing for a smooth curve.