Finding assets through Creator Dashboard is difficult and inefficient with large number of assets

As a Roblox developer, searching for uploaded asset files (decals, audio, animation, etc…) is too difficult because every page shows only a dozen or so at a time, so any form of CTRL+F searching is of no help here.

Additionally, there’s no easy of selecting what page you want to go to as it does not have any buttons/prompts for going to a specific page or involve a different URL being traversed.

To make it even worse, if you refresh the site, you will return to the start of the list of assets, making you lose progress traversing these pages.

Additionally, there’s currently no way of searching for assets by name, so even if you know the name of an asset, you’ll still have to scroll through every single page until you find it.


Roblox, It isn’t difficult to add a search bar on the creator dashboard, just add it


It’s as easy as adding an infinite scroll, just like the old page had

The new page continues to be seen as a downgrade of the old one.

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Unless roblox will allow us to sort assets by time pdo or allow us to fully cull/delete old assets, this is a stupid problem. I am lucky I haven’t had to deal with this yet, but my massive project has thousands of assets created and I can only imagine the hell i have to deal with when i go to make sure all the assets are correct.

That would require roblox to make one that actually works, which they do not have a track record of since they redid their stuff when they swapped over to this system they now use in like 2016. (im just estimating because I haven’t had a good experience with ANY roblox search boxes since like 2016)