[FINDING COMMISSION] Finding a scripter to improve my system to make the player get tools unlocked when it has a certain experience

About the game

Currently we are have a tool library that contains many tool and for which the player can have five in its inventory.
Every time the player spawns, it will be able to choose one from the randomized three selected weapons.

What is the job about?

What that we wish to have right now is to make a system where the player can have tools unlocked due to its amount of experience from killing others in game, from a datastore in a server script.

These are the content to make:

Make tools unlock when players have a certain experience.

Insert a number Uservalue or Attribute to indicate how much experience the player will need.

If the player have enough experience,
the tool will be able to be equipped.

Else, the player will not be able to equip the tool and a imageButton will appear on the tool’s button.
When the image button is clicked, it will prompt a DevProduct Purchase or open up a UI Frame.

Job Budget: 1500 R$ via Group Fund

and btw if you can write me a quality description I will give you 200 R$

Contact: Please contact via DevForum through the messaging system

You will be added to a work group after you’re accepted.
You must be 13 years old or above in order to apply.

If you have any other suggestions for the game, you can speak it out and we may pay you for it.

When you contact, please contain a piece of your previous work and description of your experience.

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