Finding Patterns for Clothing

Hello Developer Forum!
I am going back into creating clothing for my clothing company.
I am trying to get better at it and create good, unique clothing.
To do this, I am looking for resources where I can find patterns to put in my clothing.
What resources do you use to find and obtain patterns for your clothing?
Roblox Clothing Designer


Well i don’t understand what you mean by patterns but i will tell you what i know.
For textures like cloth and other transparent patterns i use Transparent Textures they are really helpful ***just click create wallpaper and then download it you will get what you want.

For patterns like EXAMPLE (Red and white stripes) i mainly use google search and Vecteezy

I hope this helped. :smiley_cat:


Yes! This helps a lot. I will be sure to check those resources out. Thank you very much!

I mainly just use or google for my textures. If you cant find the textures you want then you could just make your own from a picture of a shirt or something. If your looking for stuff like pngs then use the google color tool to find transparent pictures of whatever image you search for.

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Google Color Tool? Could you clarify on this please?

This is the color tool in google