Finding Roblox Terrain Textures to put on SurfaceAppearance

So, there is something I’m trying to make something that is a mesh has the texture of the roblox terrain ‘Snow’.

I would of used the terrain tool on studio but i want it to be a very specific shape so i want to stick to it being just a mesh since the mesh goes around another existing part without clipping. I know that I can get away with doing this by using Surface Appearance but theres one problem.

where are the terrain files?

There is a folder for each material in the roblox files but i see nothing for terrrain and i even looked up the terrain name I want to use in file explorer and nothing shows

This is what I’m making, the pink part is what i want to have the terrain surface

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update found the textures but not the way i really wished it would be it was all the terrain textures in ONE FILE so i had to try the heinous way and manually plaace the terrain and it looks terrible, no idea if theres a way to make it delete the terrain outside of the glass mesh part

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Maybe you should create you own texture? Maybe you can copy terrain image from google and add it in Roblox. like this one:

My recommendation would be to use blender to design the terrain, make it smooth, nice, clean.
Then if you are looking for a realistic texture go search it in google
If you want cartoonish style go for smoothplastic
then place it in there and thats it

Roblox terrain is a mess and really not optimized for small size stuff, use terrain for a big scale