Finding the UUID of the given API Key secret via Web-points

I’m implementing a method which has the purpose of getting the given API Key’s UUID when the x-api-key is present in the request headers.

I’m using this to verify whether or not a given API key is valid and usable, as if the API request response does not return the UUID of the API key, then the API key is unavailable. Also, having the API Key UUID allows easier editing when given the Roblox Account / Group Account access that hosts the API key.

I have found an alternative way to do it by having access to the api_keys’ owner’s account, and going through the convoluted method of listing all the api keys, reading the secret preview of each api key, and seeing which of those preview secrets has a match with the given key.

Currently, requests do not give the unique id of the API key when the request header is present.

(toward roblox staff / engineers)
Are you able to tell me how I could get this UUID of the api key, or could you possibly pass this on to engineers and get back to me on how I can do this / if it needs to be implemented?

(trying to get this id)

(through sample python code)