Finding Voice Actors for Child Characters

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I’m currently working on a horror game. The main character and deuteragonist are both kids (11-year-old male and 12-year-old female respectively), and eventually I would like to implement voice lines for them.

How should I go about finding voice actors for them? I’m pretty sure you have to be 13 to use the Talent Hub. While a 13-year-old’s voice could definitely pass for an 11-year-old’s, I don’t think many young teenagers are active on the Talent Hub, so that’s probably out of the picture. (although I’m 13 so…)

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You could possibly ask kids you know irl and if that doesn’t work you could have two girls and one does the voice of the boy since that’s what some professionals do.


I would probably release the game, and once the game gets players and people join my Discord server, I will post an announcement for people interested in voice acting. However, you can always try voice acting with a voice changer. Though voice acting in children is uncommon, I believe that doing what the guy above me suggested would probably be the best option. But, maybe also try checking fiverr? there might be a few there


Some online programs can help you create virtual voices so there is no need for a physical voice actor.

You can purchase that on Fiverr.
There’s people who’ve developed very accurate digitally created children voice actings. Or maybe they do child labor. :joy: