Finding your own success

Hey folks,

I’m sure some of you have heard of Model United Nations, it’s a program where students get to act like delegates from the UN and the world and talk about some serious subjects. Well, for the past three days, I’ve attended a similar summit, where people get to learn all about leadership, helping our global society, and reaching personal success. I’ve gotten to speak with entrepreneurs, such as Youtube Gold Trophy winner Khalifa Al-Haroon (Legendary speaking skills), An ambassador to the Netherlands who’s worked as a secretary under the royal family, among others.

One of the highlights for me in this eventful conference was attending a workshop by Evan Wesley, who is a lead at the Thirst Project, an NGO tackling the water crisis in the world. His workshop was about finding your own success, and the outcomes I’ve come out with are too golden not to share. They apply to everything! So without further ado, here’s Evan Wesley’s…

…Steps to Sucess!

"We shouldn’t be afraid of failure, but we should be afraid of failure to define success."

1. Define it

  • Society defines it for us so that most people believe that job is already done for us, BUT IT ISN’T.

  • We can’t allow anybody to tell us what success is.

  • While defining it, you must get as specific as possible. For example, don’t say “I want to change the world,” but think of how you’d do that. This way it will be easier for you to accomplish.

2. Write it down

  • People think this is elementary, but it is not, and is furthermore necessary.

  • After you have made YOUR definition of success, it is really important that you write it down, and not only have it somewhere in your head.

  • Hang it up so that you cannot lose sight of it – it must always be on your mind, and this will help you do that.

3. “Why?” – the purpose

  • You must ask yourself why you want to do that; why you want to accomplish it.

  • This step intimidates and scares people, but we absolutely need to know why we picture success as such. If we have an ultimate goal in our life, we should be clear on why we want it.

4. Surround yourself with it

  • When you’re trying to “jump out,” you must have people around you who will push you to “jump in” towards success.

  • Most people don’t do it, because it’s uncomfortable. They are afraid to approach “strangers,” even though they are experts in the field that the person is interested in. But what they don’t know is that so many of those people would actually be glad to help them, so why not ask them?!

5. Have to vs. Get to

  • “Have to” implies burden, while “get to” opportunity.

  • Let’s say you say, “Ugh, I have to do homework now.” To others you would sound downright dumb if you said “I get to do homework now.” But think about this: So many kids out there would be beyond happy to GET TO do homework. Why do you get to do it but they don’t?! Think about how lucky you are.

  • Every time you want to say “have to,” replace it with “get to.” This helps you look at life in a different way. It makes you look at every task as an oppurtunity!

6. Change your definition

  • It is inevitable that your definition of success will change over the course of your life.

  • You will accomplish what once was your ultimate goal, so then you will have to set another one – you shouldn’t stop when you finish what you once wanted to.

I hope you guys use these skills to find your own successes in life! Big thanks to Evan, he truly inspired me and many others that day. Also thanks to anonymous person who came with me to the conference, she wrote down all the notes I’m presenting.


Just because you took longer than others doesn’t mean you failed.


I mean, I shouldn’t be dependent on others to tell me, but I really thank you for writing this thread. Often at times I struggle to think that I’ve succeeded in anything, let alone complete anything (and will probably still think this later). You know, the usual… comparing myself to others, undervaluing my work (yes even though I know it, I still can’t help but think I’m eh), all that.

I took pretty long. I’ve been at this Roblox thing for nearly 10 years now (I believe 8 years is more accurate), but boy I could spend an eternity writing a novel about my shortcomings and this and that.

I suppose it’s time to start rethinking things.


What is the difference between a Master and Apprentice? The Master failed more times then the Apprentice.

As for OP, interesting but won’t help anyone who doesn’t have the motivation to become successful. I have personally seen people become something out of nothing, while continue to watch others remain nothing for they have no motivation to ever get out and do anything to progress them in their career, due to worrying that they will fail… Truth is, everyone will fail once or twice or a thousand times before you finally succeed. That’s called learning, and it is never wrong to do. Never be ashamed of failing, instead look at your failures with optimism and learn when, where and why did you fail and apply that to how you will succeed.

And sometimes you’re going come across obstacles in life to your goal. You might not have the equipment, education, funding, or personnel to achieve your goals…Don’t let that obstacle remain one. Its going to suck having to go around it, and might end up feeling like you’re walking on glass the entire time, but eventually you will get the equipment, education, funding, personnel or whatever you need to finally achieve your goal.

I for one, am at that point. It’s a struggle to continue following my dream of making games for a living,when its so much easier to just give up and put away my dreams rather then follow them… But I cannot give up on my dream, neither can you. If I, or you, ever gave up on our dreams we will never be happy in life.

Dreams aren’t meant to be dreams, make them become reality.


There are no shortcuts to becoming hokage!

Just like there are no shortcuts to becoming successful.

But if you work hard and put your soul into it, you can become successful.