FindPartOnRay() or Raycast()

So i know the two ways to raycast by the function FindPartOnRay() and workspace:Raycast()
The thing i want to know is which the way is better, basicly i prefer to use workspace:Raycast() but it is kinda buggy and glitchy
The FindPartOnRay() does a perfect raycasting but it is deprecated
So which way do you recommend? By using old method that is deprecated but perfectly raycasting, or using new method workspace:Raycast() that it is buggy. To be honest, if i would write guns with the FindPartOnRay() way and one day ROBLOX will remove it completly i would like to waste my liver to rewrite the gun code
Inspired from this topic:

This topic is old and i didnt got answer from it so i created new topic to discuss with you

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What is buggy in the current raycast method?


workspace:Raycast is faster and not deprecated, if you don’t mind, what is :Raycast doing that is buggy or glitchy? in my experience, it works perfectly as expected

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FindPartOnRay and raycast are identical in function and speed they’re just used invoked differently