Fine-tuning Intellisense

Here are a few problems/suggestions I have for Intellisense in the Studio script editor. Feel free to add to the list by replying to this thread.

  • Keywords should take precedence over variable names
    If the word typed so far is “end” or “do,” for example, and the user presses enter, it should not autofill to the closest variable name. I think this exception should be applied only in cases where the FULL keyword name has been typed.

  • Accessing variable names in tables/modules
    This will probably require a lot more work but it would be nice to have Intellisense suggest members of tables with string keys. It would make working with a large web of modules a lot more smooth.

  • Disable Intellisense while typing contents of string


Another thing I noticed is that variables given from a function do not show up in intellisense in the scope. Or at all.

To be honest I kind of like it, sometimes I’m writing a comment and include variable names and it pops up making it even easier.

Really? It worked for me recently.

I posted this in the initial thread.

Do you make your comments in strings? Confused on if you do this
-- hi
-- "hi"

Sorry I misread that as “Disable Intellisense while typing comments”, no idea why lol.

I would like if it didn’t show up when I type numbers. If I want to write 2 and I have a variable that has a 2 in it, it wants me to use that variable.

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I posted this somewhere else, but it is relevant here too. When I do Shift+Tab (reverse indent), it tries to match the variable before the cursor (In the image, M) with intellisense, so the shift+tab doesn’t work anymore with variables.


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