Finished a AK47!

Hello Builders! Im a low experienced builder that made recently a AK47 with parts i don’t use blender at all cause is hard to me make guns with blender :confused: .

Anyways i wanna show my creation of this gun i made!

Btw i need some help how improve it!

Thx For Reading :smiley:


It’s good, it looks like a 2012-2016 type gun, very basic but still looks like the gun it’s being modeled after, looks good, best of luck to you!


Thank you! i love alot roblox 2013 and old basic models of guns i use my basic skills to make it the 2013 gun style

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This model is simple due to the fact that your not using blender. Blender isnt that hard to use as long as you put in the effort and you have a passion for creating things. But ill rate this a 4/10 at most due to the fact that it just looks flat and more 2d than 3d and the default roblox textures look horrible compared to the ones you can use if you know how to use blender(PBR textures are the way to go if you want to achieve realism).

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Great gun. I love the 2013 look but if you are using this in a game I would recommend you make it thicker or if this is just the side view send me some pictures of the front view.

I like the style, Very cool! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey man nice model, but it lacks lots of details. Even though Blender is quite hard to learn at times, once you learn it, you can create very good models. In addition to that, you can add some really good textures to it.

k btw im trying to do a best detailed gun using only parts cause blender is not for me :confused:
i dont understand alot of it but thx!

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I would jus say dat da gun magazine position is too strange and yea i jus hate da magazine and btw da other parts look nice, das all

Very nice AK47 model especially as a beginner let’s see if you can up your game up and Arsenal likes your gun model?? :eyes:

Yea thx @Endless_VoidInTime i like guns and i maked this one

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I recommend to make it an union, and put it into a tool, just to see how it looks in your hand


ssure thing Deveism! :smiley: thx for that!

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