Finished Proof of Concept

Now this is it. I have spent probably around 200 hours up until now consecutively on this project. I am happy to say that I have been able to finish the proof of concept!

The third faction in the game will be the magic faction called Ashaway. I have designed and programed 5 different spells. You can see what they look like below.


I don’t remember whether or not to credit the owner for this module but thanks to this lovely post


Unfortunately the FastCast RaycastResult isn’t being returned so the explosion does not work.

Levitation and Almighty Push

You will feel powerful after using these spells.

Levitation and Time Stop

Does not work on other players…yet

If you want to check out the place yourself be sure to follow me when I post or update. :smiley:

Finally please leave any suggestions or criticism. From now on I am going to post Devlogs here and maybe on YT of the progress of the prototype. Maybe even gain traction.

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