Finished Sky Islands Map | 2014 Styled Map

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I’m make a Survive The Disasters Game BUT with Nostalgic Disasters.
For Example, a Disaster raining Doge Heads.
and Other Disasters Based off of Memes or Internet Nostalgia.
This is a Map for the Game not the Lobby. I would like Feedback on it
Im going for a 2014 Look while also having a bit touch of modern Graphics.
Rating 1 - 10 would also help alot.
This took 2 days to make because I had to come up with a design plan the map and constantly keep building and building till i get what build i needed that was the hardest part to.
This was also a Game i wanted to make back in 2016 on my older account sadly didnt have the knowledge to now 5 years later i am now fulfilling my dream of a game and this is also why it also has a 2 at the end of the Games Name.

also this isn’t the final of the MAP yet its done but I’ll soon add more islands like sword fighting areas once i script at least the Disaster Manager.


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that looks great for old roblox style great wokr

You got the nostalgic aspect of the build down, however the map does need a bit more flare. I would recommend adding some some flowers and other small objects to give it more personality.

The map is good, but boring. Nothing changes and everything is the same, the map is pretty solid. 7/10.

You could add some hidden secrets, or memes, (Reference GaS4 for ideas). Adding secrets and Easter eggs in various locations will make your players keep looking wondering what kind of thing they’ll find. Include little hidden texts and shower thoughts, “lol”, “Why do they call it a hamburger when it’s made of cow?” etc. You should also have little Easter egg mini figures only like a stud high and put them in corners or hard to find places. You could add a badge for finding them. Add leaderboards, help dummies, and more. I highly suggest you check GAS4 to get inspiration, that game is exactly what I am describing.

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I’m actually working on that.
The Map itself is done
but im working on making more islands and more stuff for it for a week
and adding details but yea i will add references and easter eggs.

im basically making a mega update for the map next week. and polishing it
i hid the 4 islands im working on because they arnt ready yet.

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