Fire a Remote Across Every Server

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    I want to make a donation option to send a message across every server

  2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!
    I have no clue on how to achieve this

I have the donation thing set and done but i just need an idea on how to achieve this

I think you mean that you wanna send a message to every server when someone donates. You’ll have to use MessagingService, which allows you to send messages across servers.

You’ll then want to use StarterGui:SetCore() to make a server message on the chat.

You can read up on both of these below:


I hope this helps!

So i made a Gui with a scrolling text and a cool money Animation and i have it hooked up to a remote event so when it fires it enables the gui and animation, I would like to fire the event Globally across every server at the same time

As @iiPotatoFlamesii stated, messaging service is what you want to use. Unfortunately, giving entire scripts is not allowed, so I’d simply recommend using the code sample on the official ROBLOX Dev Hub here: Cross-Server Messaging | Roblox Creator Documentation. It explains how to pass arguments to every server.

You’d want to utilise MessagingService, which consists of 2 essential functions that are needed:

  • :SubscribeAsync() is established globally, and listens to the :PublishAsync() function, when it’s fired. The parameters are topic, a string, and callback, the data it has:
MessagingService:SubscribeAsync("CoolPost", function(message) --topic, callback
    print(message.Data) --string that was published (.Data)
    --code for RemoteEvent here that utilises message.Data
  • :PublishAsync() is a function that fires your message in a topic, which is required for :SubscribeAsync().
MessagingService:PublishAsync("CoolPost", "this is the data in the message!") --topic, message