Fire effect is tall and huge dont know why

Not sure where to put this but any fire effect makes the fire particles go straight up and shoot into the sky. Would there be a reason this happened or a property that got enabled somehow?

Have you tried changing the properties of the fire?

Are you sure that’s Fire? I was unable to replicate your “fire”. May you send a screenshot of the properties of your “fire”?

Unless… is your part, by any chance, moving?

Part is not moving, and it happens even when inserting a new fire effect.

I have not changed any properties. It just happens whenever I put in a new fire effect. The Heat property doesn’t seem to do anything either

Do you experience the same problem in a new place?

I do not experience the same problem in a new place

Ah, this is good then. Two more things.

  1. Are there any scripts that influence the fire?

  2. Global Wind might be causing the fire to rise.


Ah, seems like the issue was the Global Wind, not sure why it was set to such a high value though. Thanks for telling me about it!


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