FireAllClients but with BindableEvents?

Currently stumped on this because I haven’t figured it out but how could I make it so BindableEvents fire for everyone’s client in the server? Similarly to remoteevent:FireAllClients() but due to the nature of some of scripting practices currently, I want to use a bindable event?

How would I go about this? method examples would be great.

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BineableEvents don’t cross any device barriers, so if it is fired on the server then the event will occur on the server and client will only happen on that specific client. If you want clients to communicate with each other then you should still use a remote event to send data to the server and have that remote event then fire all clients

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I used to do this but one of my friends has been doing this method so

exactly what @paetemc2 said

what do you mean so? could you maybe give a better explanation on why you can’t do it the way i shared and maybe i could try and help?

Well, first off from what ive gathered that it relieves stress off the server to handle visual elements between clients- so thats why I’ve opted to try this method, which Ive heard is possible because my friend has done this method.

Here is some more information on BinableEvents, like it says on the documentation you cannot cross the client server barrier with it, i think that you should still do what i recommended, or maybe ask your friend what they did so they can help

As far as handling visual elements on the client, that is true, and you do so using remoteEvents to send the clients the information

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Your friend hasn’t done this method because this method does not exist. It’s not a thing you can do.

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Oh Maybe I misunderstood him then or something.