FireClient vs Handle on server

I have some systems that are handled on the server and are linked to ui but I would like to know whether it’s better to update the ui on the server or the use a remote event and handle it on the client.

it’s best to control it on the server as long as you don’t need anything only localscripts can do, harder to exploit anyway

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I would say you should be sending RemoteEvents to the client when you need to edit UI. Editing Player UI on the server is bad practice, and its going to look worse.

If you tween some UI on the server its going to be a lot less smooth than if you tweened on the client, its also going to add more workload to the server, and you want the server to be as performant as possible.

If you’re worried about RemoteEvents being expensive performance wise, updating the UI on the server is way more expensive than sending a Remote.

Not sure how exploiting is important when talking about updating a client’s UI, maybe if we were sending info from the client to the server, but not the other way around.

What are you trying to accomplish? Do you need to display a server-only value to all clients?

For data calculation/handling do it all in the server, the only thing you’ll do in the client is display such data, in this case in the UI.

The question is super dependent on your use-case. For things exploiters might target, edit it on the server. Otherwise, use FireClient()