Firedup13579's Programming Portfolio

Disclaimer: I am not for hire. I only made this portfolio to showcase my work as a programmer and see how much I’ve progressed throughout the years. Thank you.

About Me

Hi there! I am a 20-year-old self-taught programmer that joined Roblox back in 2012. I started making games for Roblox in December 2020. By that point, I had some basic knowledge of front-end web development which I had taught myself, a working knowledge of Python through Al Sweigart’s “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” (Which I highly recommend for any non-coders to learn the basics of coding since Python code feels as intuitive as having a casual conversation), and a very basic understanding of areas of computing such as data types, operating systems, and computer networking, as well as, the fundamentals of functional programming through introductory computer science courses in college.


Latest Game: Infini Runner Obby - Roblox

Infini Runner

I made this game over a few weeks to learn about datastores using the ProfileService module and to create stores using both in-game currency and Robux.

The game randomly chooses a premade section and attaches these from end to end to create an entirely unique obby.

Game: Ultimate Trivia Challenge - Roblox

Ultimate Trivia Challenge

I’ve just finished working on this game yesterday (May 24, 2021). I decided to go for something small. I was inspired to make it after watching YouTubers play a PC version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” Out of all my games, I’d say this feels the most complete. There is a clear goal that is achievable, to say the least.

As a trivia game, most of the work done is within the GUI. For this project, I used a plugin called “Interface Tools” by fivefactor to make visually pleasing GUI elements. I have also demonstrated a basic level of coding by logically sequencing the game and compartmentalizing repeating sequences into functions.

To improve this game, I could use Datastores to create a leaderboard for players to rank themselves against each other. I could also connect the game to an external database to retrieve questions. The existing question bank consists of 547 questions I found from an old JSON file. Most of these questions are not relevant today and definitely not relevant to Roblox’s main audience. Trivia apps like “Trivia Crack” battle this issue by inviting users to create questions for them in exchange for in-game rewards. For other slight improvements, I could create an “Endurance” mode where players can try to answer as many questions as they can or a “Head to Head” mode for players to battle each other. It is hardly a competitive game since most of the answers can easily be found through Google, though I could add a timer between questions.

Game: Marble Minigames - Roblox

Marble Minigames

This was my first project on Roblox. I started working on it in December 2020. I think I went too ambitious with it. I decided to go for a “Minigames” game because I thought it would be done quickly and that I could easily build on it as time goes on by adding more minigames. I also placed the player in a ball to make things interesting. It’s inspired by an old game called “Super Monkey Ball.” Unfortunately, as of May 24 2021, this game is currently unfinished.

I added many features to the game. Each player starts in a simple, gray marble but they can earn coins to buy different colors and trails. There is a global leaderboard that uses Datastores to track players’ coins and wins. It has a round system. Each round takes 120 seconds. I use camera manipulation to show the players what the entire map looks like as each round begins. Most maps are racing maps which involve rolling a ball from point A to point B in order to win. Other maps include PvP where you must push all other players off of a platform and others involve surviving for the entire 120 seconds from hazards such as falling cannonballs onto a pirate ship.

In some way, the game could be considered complete. In my opinion, the maps feel lackluster. 3D modelling is not one of my strengths and it would take me a considerable amount of time to get to that level. I designed the lobby myself and it took my several hours to complete. I would like to go back to this game in the future but I’d like to focus on games with a much smaller scope that I can complete on my own in a relatively short time-frame.

Game: Meme Builder - Roblox

Meme Builder

This is something I put together in an afternoon. The game begins as a blank platform but you can press a button that lets you spawn in a block with your cursor. The block’s shape is random and it contains one of thousands of random images I pulled from the Roblox catalog from categories relevant to memes.

I got the idea after seeing a YouTube tutorial on how to make a placement system by TheDevKing.


You can contact me on Discord, OwwwMyLeg#1139. I also have a group on Roblox which hosts all of the games I’ve mentioned here

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: