Firefighting Simulator (Mission 2 and Lobby Demo)

Lobby Demo is done
Only missions tab work currently everything else is WIP

Mission 2 is open for playtest and keep in mind this is still in early phrase, so that means it will change as tech goes on!

Controls (Mission 1)
F and G for flashlights

Controls (Mission 2)
Q and E to lean
C to crouch X to stand up

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Not bad
Building could use some improvement
Your menu should have a teleporting screen after you click on a mission.

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The game itself has a cool concept, never seen something like it. The lighting in the elevator mission, when enabled, is unbearably laggy. There’s also Z-Clipping and grammar mistakes. Not much else to say, really cool!

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It is allowed, as far as i know.


Hired a builder so buildings should be fine now. At least I don’t have to work solo ngl

Flashlight one? Or generally whole lighting itself, because im was not experiencing any lag, neither my testers did .

When the lights were turned off in the building, all lag was gone, when they were on, lots of lag.

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I suggest putting photos so that people who aren’t able to play the game at the given moment can still give you tips on how to improve.

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