FireServer Fires Multiple Times

I’ve been trying to make an ATM robbery system, and whenever an ATM is robbed, it sends a message onto a police radio system automatically alongside a 911 call in a separate tab.

The entire system works, however, if there is more than 1 person that has access to the police radio, then it will send a message every single time for every single person. For example, if there are 3 people that have access to the radio, then the system will send 3 messages.

There is a remote which fires to the server whenever the ATM is robbed, and it is intercepted in a local script with the ‘OnClientEvent.’ This then fires another remote with a message saying that the ATM was robbed into a server script, which sends it to all clients with the radio GUI.

I am sorry if it’s difficult to understand my issue, I am willing to try and describe it better.

Initial ATM Robbery Remote being fired:

RobRemote:FireServer("ATMRobbed.V173", Amount, NearestATM, Player)

ATM Robbery Remote being intercepted in a client-script radio GUI

if ReplicatedStorage:FindFirstChild("ATMRemotes") then
	local EmergencyRobCallRemote = ReplicatedStorage.ATMRemotes.Remotes.RobCall

	EmergencyRobCallRemote.OnClientEvent:Connect(function(Player, Action, Location, Reason, Caller)

firing another remote to all other radio clients:

RadioEvent:FireServer("NewMessage", "ATM Robbery Reported at "..Location2, Channels[Channel].Frequency, "Dispatch")

Any help would be much appreciated, and please let me know if I’m missing any detail - I’ll be willing to add it on. I’m super tired and I am certain that I have missed something judging by the fact that I am still relatively new to scripting. The ATM robbery feature is part of a purchased ATM economy system which I have modified.

FireServer Fires Multiple Times
Then include a boolean for your local script

Sounds like multiple client connections/events. Make sure to only have 1 connection and not put it inside player added.

Did the script you purchased work properly before you modified it?
If it did then you need to look at the modifications you used. If it didn’t then you should probably contact the person who made it so they can fix the issue.

The entire system worked before I modified it. The custom message on the radio is my own personal modification and it doesn’t affect anything except for the fact that it sends multiple messages

Every client which has the radio GUI has the same script, so I think that each client sends the message to the server if you get what I mean

It seems like all the messages need to be fired at the same time instead of going through the client. Try to put these together:

RobRemote:FireServer("ATMRobbed.V173", Amount, NearestATM, Player)
RadioEvent:FireServer("NewMessage", "ATM Robbery Reported at "..Location2, Channels[Channel].Frequency, "Dispatch")

Not really sure how to do that, the top line (RobRemote:FireServer("ATMRobbed.V173", Amount, NearestATM, Player) is fired from the ATM main script whenever it is robbed, and the bottom line (RadioEvent:FireServer("NewMessage", "ATM Robbery Reported at "..Location2, Channels[Channel].Frequency, "Dispatch") is fired from the radio system from a client. The radio has multiple unique tables which I don’t think I can convert into the main ATM script