FireServer is not a valid member of script

Recently I’ve been trying to fix a bug in a handcuff system I have been working on. To reward money to the cop, I have a local script that fires a remote event which activates a server script to reward the money.

My problem is that I get the error message “FireServer is not a valid member of script” as seen in the screenshot below.

I searched for a while and I couldn’t find any solutions. I noticed that when the Remote Event is in replicated storage it works just fine, but when it’s in the tool it doesn’t. Based on how the code works, the remote event must be in the tool. Here is what I basically have in my local script relating to Remote Events.

local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Remote = script.Parent:WaitForChild("RewardArrest")

I appreciate any support I get on this matter, here is what my tool looks like in the explorer. Again, this only works in replicated storage for some reason. Nothing is wrong with my server script, just my local.

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You better change the RemoteEvent’s name. The script has the same name as the remote event. The error says FireServer is not a valid member of ‘script’ which means it is using the script, not the RM. Change the server script to something like RewardArrestHandler.


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