Firing a Developer?

Hello! So I have a question.
Imagine: You found a Builder. He builds stuff for you, it’s great etc., you give him 30% of your game revenue. After some months, he just becomes extremely inactive, he doesn’t build on your game for months etc. What would you do? Fire him? But what happens with all the stuff that he built for you? Didn’t you ‘scam’ him, then? Or would you just demote him so he still receives the percentage, but that wouldn’t be worth it for you, because he doesn’t do anything and still receives a percentage.

That’s the only thing that makes me want to not pay with percentages.

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That’s a good question. I will fire him, but I will give to him some Robux for what he built. That’s my opinion.


This is completely dependent on the initial “contract” you made with him. A contract in this case could be the DMs and terms that you initially agreed with him in DMs or messages when he was hired.

If in these terms that you stated something along the lines of “you earn 30% of revenue provided you continue to build” then you would be in your rights to remove him without further payment. If you stated that he would receive 30% of game revenue without conditions then you would likely have to pay him off or reach an agreement with him to sort this out.

However as I said this is completely dependent on the contract you agreed with them so I would review your initial terms with him and then come to a decision depending on what this contract is like


30% of games revenue (considering your game has a wide chance of being unsuccessful) is discouraging and that’s if you decide to pay for the work at all. Even if you make some money from the game it likely won’t be a lot.

You should talk with the developer instead because if someone hired me for 30% with no backup payment & working for months is not only discouraging but I’d give up in the same way as well.

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