First Attempt at Explosion, In a GFX

So I have been trying out alot of new things in blender and One is the effects, this is my first attempt at an explosion.



Feedback Welcome.


I think that the GFX is really nice, and I like the wrinkles in the shirts. One thing, the leaves on the ground look flat and don’t really fit. Other than that, great GFX, keep it up! :smiley: :+1:

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As @dude8074alt said, I think the wrinkles on the shirt is amazing, but it took me a little while to make out the explosion, I’d recommend making the explosion more detailed as in putting more colours etc.
But otherwise good job!


Thank you for the feedback. I am still to figure out how to use displacement maps.

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In the new version I think it might be a bit more clear.

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The characters are too rounded but shirt wrinkles are good.


I rounded the characters intentionally because they are custom characters for a game.

Wrinkles on the right person are overdone and do not fit well. Not sure if that brown spot is supposed to be an explosion or aftermath regardless the verticies are messed up in it. Better off doing a smoke simulation and adding a orange tinted light.

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I already Did a few of those in the new Version, And with The Wrinkles I was trying to make it seem like he was really standing next to the Explosion.

I also Fixed The Debris From The Explosion.