First attempt at making a car in Blender

Hi! So I decided to try something new in Blender: making a car. This was pretty challenging at first but I’m glad I managed to do it.

Feedback is appreciated.


You definitely should add mirrors and make the car wider, consider adding some kind of rims too


Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks for suggestions.

how did you learn how to use blender? all the tutorials are outdated and I have been trying to learn forever but there is 0 resources that has the same blender version as me

what version are you using? theres ton of blender tutorials for the more recent versions (3.0+)

the newest version wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

and you can’t find any? there’s tons on youtube for 3.0 - even if you’re not using the exact version the tutorial is, you can follow along just fine