First Attempt Realistic Hair What do you think?

I know Its Not Great But This is my first try what do you think? As You cannot create shaders in roblox I could take it that far.

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See It In Person. “It Looks Worse To Be Honest”

Say What You Like. Thank you for reading.


It either looks like he’s severely balding/thinning or it’s a brown version of trumps hair


If I put More time into It I can probably fix how bald it looks but thank you.

The most realistic hair I’ve seen, does look like it needs improvement on some spots, neat stuff though.


The more individual fibers, the more full it’s gonna get, it need’s a lot more hair in it.

The Problem With To Many Is It Will Just Slow Down The Pc or other device and not be usable in any sort of game.

Although I did Try It and it looks good.

Yeah, looks better, we just need to not be able to see the characters head. And yes too many fibers with seriously stop the PC, how about trying to make it a single mesh instead?

That Won’t Really Help, Since They Already Dont interact with anything. But What I can Do Is Have something the same color as the hair that isn’t transparent

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Thank you And This Is A bit of a Low Effort Thing I did In A short amount of time.