First Blender Creation: AK-47 model

With the help of some people from the building support section (they were some major help), I have finally finished and exported my first Blender model into Roblox Studio! It’s based off an AK-47 and I made it in a simple style to reduce difficulty and because, to be honest, scripting is more of my forte. I would like to know what you guys think. Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


Very nice keep it up and why there is a hole above the trigger?

you do realize that isn’t a hole at all, right?

Dude this is really good especially for a beginner, nice job. Of course though it does need some work like the handle and some parts could use a small bevel.

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ohh it looks like hole for me lol

that’s just an illusion due to it being a similar color to the baseplate

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Thanks! I will look into bevels to improve my future models.

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For your first model that is so clean. But i can tell that your toplogy was bad and hard to deal with and it caused artefacts due to this area. You would also need to auto smooth the model. But yea it looks gud 5/10. But if i had to rate it from a beginners prospective it would be a 8/10. You can check out some of my gun model below to get some ideas on how to visualise better in 3d and maybe you can learn something new. If you need anymore help when it comes to modeling slide in my dms.
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