First Blender render!

I am a programmer, scripter but I already knew alot about 3D modelling as I make meshes for my projects. I’ve never made any GFX/renders though so I decided to give it a shot!

This is purely a render, there is no post effects added in Photoshop, because I wanted to see how I am at posing, color theory, lighting and I am very pleased with the result. Please leave feedback if you know what I should’ve done differently, so I can improve on it in the future. Thanks!


Have I not seen this before or something similar? Looks alright. Could use more design on the walls and whatnot. add a watermark. good job

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looks very simple, I suggest adding something on the walls (preferably text?) to add more of a mysterious and scary vibe

For your first time making a Blender render looks pretty nice made, as the others said adding some objects etc would make the picture less emptier feeling.

I’ve removed the tag from the title, the optional tags exist for a reason.

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