First Build: Feedback Needed!

Hello everyone! How are you doing?
I am a GFX designer, but I decided I wanted to branch into different types of developing. I thought building may be the best for me, so I could build sets and props for my GFXs. This is my first build, a homestore for a friend.

I also want to know if my skill at building so far is enough to take building commissions, and what would be an appropriate price.

This is my first build, and all feedback is welcomed!

Screenshots of the Build!

Thank you for your time! :happy2:

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It is very blocky on the outside. Some more shape would give it a better appeal. I also think the color scheme could do some improvement too. Some of the walls are baren and not being used. Putting up something else besides the SAHARA sgn would be a good idea. The paintings on the wall above the dummies seems very random. The arrangment of the paintings is rather odd and could use some improvement too.

However for your first build it is very good.

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Thank you for the feedback! I will make sure to make more use of the walls next time. :happy3:

For a first build this is very good. However, i think the stairs rail is very thin. Also it needs some more detail

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I will make sure to add more detail in my next build!

Its a very good first build. But the building is a bit too bright, and lacks a bit in detail. Maybe add a few tables here and there, and maybe something like these things in the middle: image

but apart from that, its a pretty decent build!

EDIT: Also, I noticed that the entrances to the building are VERY high. This is a mistake I make a lot of the time, but to not have them as tall, I usually add a ragdoll, and make a door a bit higher then the ragdoll.

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Thank you! I’ll keep your feedback in mind when I build my next build. :slight_smile:

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Its pretty good for your first build, but I suggest making more shapes, other than blocks. Just so that its more eye catching and different. But other than that, I think its really good for your first build!

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Thank you! I have just learned how to make unions and negations so I couldn’t figure out how to add more shapes. I will make sure to add more shapes!