First build feedback

hey there, I started using F3X to build, and I wanted some feedback on how I’ve done, it’s meant to be like a Museum, it’s nowhere near done and still needs a lot of work, just wanted your feedback


criticism allowed, just remember this is my first build

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I think with the pillars, you could use studio to quickly stop them from overlapping, good job nontheless. Please also make sure your title is related to your post.

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thanks, sorry about the title, wanted to know how to do that but then started building and forgot to change the title

It’s all good, next time just remember to keep it related.

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changed the pillars, they don’t overlap anymore

besides needing to fix the pillars overlapping i think there should be more detail on the pillars themselves, try to make them a bit more like this picture reference so they look more like pillars rather than a really thick pole

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Are you using a reference pic for this or going full free hand with this? Cause I like to build using a reference pic, it helps a lot.

This doesnt really look like a museum… I’d suggest adding a part on the floor (between pillars and the museum) to walk on. The inside is quite confusing as it looks like theres a ramp going up and there is no inside. I’d suggest adding more detail to the pillars, reducing the length between the pillars and the museum as its quite large and making the museum larger as its quite tall and not as big to contain much. Finally, I think you should work on this more before posting as its something that takes about 5-10 minutes to build and can be easily improved and look way better. I hope this helps.

First of all, I’d say that you’d want a more uniform style in place.

For example, the pillars you’re using are cobblestone, but you’re pairing that with plastic and transparent material. The two don’t fit well; it’s like slapping on a futuristic style building in the middle of a native settlement. You’d want to play around with the parts and see what combination of color & material works best.

Second, decide on whether or not you want it to be more functional or aesthetic.

Would things fit in place if it was real life? Would this and that make sense in a real world environment? The pillars are fine, but then when you go inside the ‘museum’ there’s this giant ramp waiting for you. Why would there be a ramp waiting for you right when you enter? If you know where your priorities are (aesthetics vs function) then I think that’ll open you up for a better build.

I think you should work on your build more and come back later with a more finished version. There isn’t much that we can go off on since you’re new, and I can’t say much more. If you got more stuff, we can see at what level you’re at better.

Also, like some others have said, you need more detail on your building. Check out “Let’s Blox” on youtube. I think you can learn a lot about how small things make a huge impact on the overall feel of your build from him.


Regarding this is your first build it’s quite early in development to ask for feedback as it’s fairly plain when real museums are much larger and detailed. It also lacks shape the two pillars should have a more better design to it consider. Taking a look at some real museums for inspiration, or example:

Since the museum looks very plain try placing some textures onto it, this could be concrete, modern polymers, ect. The pillars in the middle of the building. This makes no sense; try placing them around connecting two parts of the building it should show a better design like seen above use that as a reference to help you improve more further.

For a museum, it’s extremely small. The overhang roof is too flat considered adding designs to make it more appealing. If you’re going to a smaller museum, maybe use this reference image to help you get every detail correct at the moment there isn’t much to say.

no, im testing myself and building from my imagination