First Build in 2+ Years (Coffee Shop)

Hey guys! I just finished my first build in over two years! Building is really fun, also looking forward to improve as time goes on :grin:

Is there any thing I could improve on? More stuff to fill blank spaces maybe?
Also, please note that this is my first build in over TWO years, so it’s definitely far from perfect.

Any sort of feedback is heavily appreciated! Thank you for your time :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi! Very impressive for someone who hasn’t touched building in 2 years!I would really recommend texturing and layering the walls!



Hi, this is really wonderful! I like the high ceilings and the chairs look fantastic! I also really like the brick and floor textures, they work very well together. The exterior lights are very unique and the light looks really good hitting the walls. The poster and shelf decorations are nice touches that help bring this place to life. The lighting/time of day you use works really well and I especially like the shadows from the windows on the wall.

Maybe add some more seating variety? Perhaps some tables could have 3 or 4 chairs instead of all of them having 2.

The counter is very nice but looks a little bare. Maybe add some coffee cups, displays for food (fruit/bakes goods?), or bags of coffee?

I think you should also add a sign outside! It would be really cool if you gave this place a name and put it on a big sign right on the exterior. Neon is obviously very eye-catching and would add another bright element outside if you were looking to do that.

This is really awesome and I’d love to see updates if you choose to add anything else!

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Looks pretty nice, only a few criticisms. Some of it seems blocky, like the window completely lacks detail and is blocky. The chairs aren’t so bad but they seem pretty blocky and the tables don’t have much detail and it’s a little small but otherwise, nice.

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It looks pretty nice . I’d recommend you add some baseboards around the walls

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