First Building Showcase - Bedroom

Hello everyone,

I wanted to try something different and make something a bit more… realistic? Kind of.

Anywhoo, I have made this bedroom. What are your thoughts?

Game: Bedroom Showcase - Roblox
(I highly suggest using high graphics especially for high-end PC users)


(Edit: One of the screenshots does not want to show up… :confused:)


It looks like a good start but could use a lot of work in my opinion.

I don’t think the textures fit or could use some tweaking, especially on the long wood shelf/desk thing because it looks pretty stretched. I am assuming it is a work in progress but the room is very empty even for something that looks modern it could overall use more furniture.

Also, I personally don’t like forced 1st person, but that has nothing to do with the build.

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Its pretty good
But its looking empty
You can add more shelves and stuff to make it more bette
By the way its looking nice

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I have done quite of few updates and I do think I have filled it up way more now.

Now, the thing is; I want to make the middle look a little empty. I made a carpet to give it some decoration but I want it empty so that the player can have lots of space to move.


Honestly looks 1000 times better now, keep up the good work.


That looks sick man, great job!

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I agree, went from a 2 to 7.
If you got any better people would start paying.

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