First Cartoon Drawing

My first Roblox art drawing , well I made this today and it’s the first one , so I need some valuable feedbacks on it :smile:

Are these type of drawings are valued these days or its not worth anything?

Can be used for commissions?

Here’s the drawing -

NOTE - This is my first drawing , so please don’t expect it to be highly accurate in all parts

Things drawn with the character -
• Tin Pot Hat
• Workclock headphones around the neck
• Blue Shirt and Joyful smile

Please give me some tips on how to draw more hats like a fedora on it instead of tin pot or dominus.

OR changing the face shapes

Thanks :smile:


Click on the picture to view in full size .

Amazing job I think!
It gives my a classic game vibe.
Its a very well made drawing for your first drawing of a robloxian.
I love how you have matched the colors of the avatar and the background.
What sort of game is it for?
Sorry I couldn’t think of any feedback.

                             -From Cre8tor.

I was wondering if these type of drawing are worth and can be used for commissions so…

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Thank you :smile: I think I could change the shirt colour because background and shirt colours are same?

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I think it would be quite cool for commissions, no one really does stuff like that anymore. It would be cool to bring back the trend.

Yeah if you change the shirt color to a lighter blue or something or the background to a darker blue I think it would look cool. :slight_smile:

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It’s really good for a first drawing, but you should work on your anatomy a little more.

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Made another one ^


It’s good to be your first drawing, I can say it’s a good job, keep it up

It just looks like a recolor for the 2nd one …

There are changes if you see ,

• Fedora and Hair took me almost half hour to draw.
• Roblox dev forum logo on shirt (blue)
• Changes in shirt style (collar)
• Added Headphones just below the fedora.
• New background made just now.

The drawing has some white spots and stuff like that, so I would fix that.

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The second example is just a recolor of the first one, you might want to make them from scratch so you get more practice.

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