First clothing group logo

Yes I know it’s typical, that’s what I was going for, aside from that, what do you think? What could be improved? Lemme know.


I love it, I suggest making the logo a little more Halloween style.

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It’s good for a start.

The text colors don’t match to the “spooky orange” theme that it appears your going for.

Also the halftone overlay (lots of dots) on the left arm doesn’t really fit. You would have to make it full white color and move it to the left a bit.

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The background looks a little shaky. Nice job, I like it.

Hey there, you have yourself a nice render there. Though I personally believe that the text does not fit in with that render in terms of coloring, orange with green and purple is not something I would recommend, especially not with the green being different on the text from the green within the pumpkin.

Otherwise, great job.