First Coffee Shop Need Feed Back

I Have Been Building For a Time Of 1 month Now and this is what it has all worked me up to please be honest and tell me places too improve

Interior has not been worked on at all
I just want feedback on the building itself


Take Note I Said That I Have Not Worked On The Inside At All

Inside Layout


Looks good from the outside, the inside needs a little bit more work though. Good job.


The outside has a very nice and appealing design, I love the detail and materials and plants. If you want to add extra detail, you could possibly add a metal ladder or electrical box or something to one of the more blank sides maybe. I agree with Xezlo about the inside. Overall very nice work :slightly_smiling_face:

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The outside looks pretty great, around the back I’d add some shrubbery and especially that yellow-ish lighting to give it personality and make it not look like the back of the factory, also I’m not sure about the massive back windows? May just be me on that one though.

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Thanks alot i just commented on ur post haha

There is eventualy gonna be a whole upstairs area

Maybe add tables and chairs outside, some vegitation would also look nice.

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Thanks For The Reply Once Again Just stating about the building it self not decoration like tables or counter

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The sign where it says: Limit “9ft”.

Remove the “”.

Just write: Limit 9ft.

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Also I do not know why i am saying this but i just bought Kfc and rebuild the same place i bought it from


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Like this


Much better!

The “”. Didnt make any sense.

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Lol im learning scripting and when making a string value you need put the “” so i geuss i was typing too fast ha ha forgot my bad thanks for pointing it out


But it shows, that you have learned!

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That is so true only been on roblox studio for about 1 month now haha

You have learned alot for only beeing there 1 month! Wow.

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thanks ive been putting in endless hours so im exspecting good results next year . . . nvm it already is next year so i geuss . . .

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! :confetti_ball:

It is very hard to believe that you have developed this sense of artistic ability to accurately design a realistic architecture. Though I do know people that has accomplished similar feats before… Nontheless, if you have only been building for a week it is pretty darn impressive. The biggest issue I have with this build is that the quality is pretty inconsistent, where you make some basic mistakes here and there. If you’re not building with a grid on, I suggest you do that.

Other than that! Work on utilising lighting and improve textural design by making them yourself! While I realise I said this before on another post of yours, read into colour theory yet again, I am aware you didn’t have time to read the article I sent and recolour but for your future builds, I suggest you do.

Something in the real world may work but in Roblox it may not. And vice versa. Having gloomy colours and textures may disrupt the fun of a player and affect them while they are playing.

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I Am Going To Read it i actually pinned the website so i don’t forget thanks again for you feedback I’ve been learning build and have had some sleepless nights learning by watching simple tutorials. once again thanks and Happy New Year

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I agree with most of the other posts. The outside is great, but the interior needs some work. I’m not sure if you’re planning to sell this to a cafe group or as a model for a game, but make it more modern if it’s for a cafe group.

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