First Combat System in Two Hours!

Hello Developers! Hope you are having a great day!

This isn’t a new system, I actually created this 2 months ago! Today, I just felt like showcasing my first combat system that I made in a daily 2 hour challenge for myself. The challenges were from easy to hard. Although, I stopped midway into the challenge, I think I learned a lot from it, especially tweening and animating.

Challenges (ALL Mobile Supported):

I stopped at the Earth Bending challenge because I had problems with tweening the rocks. The Laser Eyes challenge had some issues – a lot I mean (dont’ play in multi-player lol).

But, now for the Combat System. I did all this in just two hours, with the Cooldowns, Animations (R6), Damaging, Mobile Support (CAS), and UI.

Want to use? Here: Combat.rbxl (42.3 KB)

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:


The Animations are awesome! I like how you have a cool down!

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