First Degree: Kettlefield - New Open-World Game (WIP)

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Recent Development Updates

Hey, I’m @BigBetterBuilder. Recently I’ve founded B3 Studios, and the studio’s debut game title is approaching completion. Today I’d like to announce our new game-breaking title, First Degree: Kettlefield.

(Beta Screenshot)

First Degree: Kettlefield (FD: KF), is the first game in the First Degree series. Kettlefield is an urban city, a great place to make your dreams come true. From a large host for many headquarters for major brands to tall and beautiful skyscrapers unlike any other, Kettlefield can be a wonderful place to live. But in recent years due to a catastrophic recession, and terrorist attacks throughout the city, the crime rates have risen over thirty-five percent. And dozens of criminal bases have been hidden around the city, and law enforcement is struggling to keep up.

As the player, you may start as a normal citizen working normal jobs. But you have the choice to commit crimes, or you can apply to the Kettlefield Police Department to fight them. No matter what career path you choose, you can potentially become a wealthy and respected individual. The choice is yours!

FD: KF features amazing shooting mechanics, making every shot feel as powerful to the shooter as it is to the victim. With every action feeling like you’ve done something of large meaning, from robbing a grocery store to arresting a criminal. Though the crazy life is something of thrill and excitement, laying low as a normal citizen is just as eventful. Whether you’re shopping for groceries, or buying a new family car, there’s always something to do in Kettlefield. You can even partake in normal jobs, from delivering people’s food to collecting garbage.

Features/Info (Not all features listed will be present in the final game)

  • Glock - semi-auto; a basic but overall good gun.
  • Shotgun - semi-auto; a very powerful and satisfying gun to kill the people you pity with.
  • Micro-Uzi - automatic; a ‘rapid-firing killing machine’ that will gun down your enemies in seconds.
  • Sniper - semi-auto; a one-shot instakill scoped sniper.
  • Double Barrel Shotgun - semi-auto; a very powerful double-fire shotgun.
  • Bank of Freedom - a beautifully designed bank; can be robbed, you can also purchase money with :robux_light:
  • TA-DA Supermarket - a nice supermarket; can be robbed, you can purchase goods such as pizza, juice, etc.
  • Train Stations - use to wait and catch a train to take you to the next stop
  • Gewels Jewelry Stores - a gorgeous luxury store with jewelry; can be robbed
  • Police Department H.Q. - a headquarters for all Kettlefield police officers; spawn for all police officers
  • Burger Hoarders - a fast-food burger joint; hosts jobs, can purchase burgers to eat
  • Military Air Base - an airport guarded by police officers and soldiers, can be entered but difficult
  • …more listed soon
  • Sedan - a basic car, gets the job done I guess
  • Freedom Van - the “Free Candy” van if you know what I mean…
  • Pickup Truck - a nice 4x4, but not very fast
  • Sports Car - a sleek and fast car, but a bit pricey
  • Police Car - a nice and fast car, has a loud and sometimes annoying siren, for cops only
  • Delivery Van - like the Freedom Van but with exaggerated physics, only for food delivery missions
  • Plane - a small beautiful plane that produces an amazing trail when flown
  • Burger Hoarders Corp. - a fast-food chain that specializes in cheeseburgers
  • J.K Records - a critically acclaimed record label, with artists like Lil Man
  • Bank of Freedom Co. - a banking corporation
  • TA-DA Stores Inc. - a local supermarket chain
  • KFT - a transportation company hosted by the Kettlefield board
  • …more listed soon
Screenshots (Some screenshots were taken in outdated builds of FD:KF)

As you will see, the game is set to feature full inverse kinematics for all players.

If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to reply to this topic.



Like the idea of the game! Hope to see it released soon!

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Looks great so far. Although, I’m just curious as to how you made the game logo. Looks very good! :slight_smile:

I designed the logo in Photopea, it’s like a web-based free version of Photoshop.

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