First DevEx: A Couple Questions

Today, I’ve submitted my first DevEx cash out, and I have a few questions about the program that I haven’t found an answer for, or haven’t found an answer I can understand right.

  1. After submitting my cash out request, am I supposed to get an email or message? I see in some places it says it should and others it shouldn’t. I haven’t received an email or message, and I have gone through my junk/inboxes.

  2. Does all moderation count? I’ve seen multiple posts discussing moderation history and how it can affect devex. A couple months ago I accidentally uploaded a mesh and texture that had a watermark with a website on it, and I didn’t notice. I got banned 1 day for this. Would this possibly affect my devex request? Under the help and information, or main devex page it says that moderation can affect it, but I don’t see anything specific to my case.

  3. I purchased premium today, so that I could cash out. It gave me 450 robux, on top of the funds I earned from development. (All group funds from game earnings). After submitting my request i still had this 450 left over, but did it or could it have mixed in with my development funds? I don’t wanna receive a lower rate if they got mixed in with each other.

  4. Is there some sort of delay to the timing of processing the devex requests due to Covid-19?

Sorry if something was answered somewhere else, and I still posted it here, i must’ve missed it. Any help would be appreciated. Also i’m not sure if I put this in the right category, i’m not sure where else it should’ve gone.


Not sure about all of your questions, but I have some insight on your second one.

For moderation, it depends on what the moderation was, and how long ago it was issued. If you got it a couple months ago, I think you should be fine (not 100% sure though). However, if it was a week ago, it might’ve been a problem. Hopefully you can understand what I’m trying to say.

And congratulations! Good luck!


#3: Robux are robux, any robux in your account when DevEXing will turn into USD

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They said that robux not earned from games will be cashed out at a different rate, or even possibly cause your request to decline?

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If judged eligible, you will receive a mail from Roblox about “Tipalti”, which assist Roblox in sending payment, you will receive a private link to create your own account, then sending out informations about yourself and your prefered way of receiving the money.

Generally, they count up to 2 years, However, this does not means your request will be cancelled, this will be decided according to the amount of ban within the last 2 years and how bad the reason are.

It’s been officially said that the robux received from purchases cannot be converted

(can’t link the sources since i have it in French with no change option, but you should be able to find it easily)

Yes, i believe first process of Devex is already fairly long, about a month long,
I have no info if it’s even longer, but it’s best to expect that it is.


What they mean by this is the way you ‘earn’ robux. You can only earn robux by selling gamepasses or by making then selling avatar items. However you cannot ‘earn’ robux by selling limiteds. So if you ‘earned’ your robux it is eligible for Devex.

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I believe you should but it may take a while for the message to process.

Yes, it can but in your case, because it was accidental and wasn’t TOS breaking you should be fine.

Robux bought from premium does not count as ‘earned’. (I explained that in another reply)

There might be a slight delay I would assume because more people are playing Roblox, tripled payouts, and developers making more games with their spare time I believe that there are quite a few devex requests. It should take a few weeks for your request to be fulfilled.

You’re in the right category :smiley: any TOS questions or questions about Roblox can be asked here.

Let me know if you have further questions.



Hey, thanks. Also an extra question, (i havent been emailed yet but just saying), after i’ve been emailed to join tipalti, does that mean my first payment has been accepted? Or can they still decline this cash out request after i’ve joined tiplati and stuff.


Depends email could be an acknowledgment or you may get a accept/decline email. I really find it odd how they do devex.

Good luck.


I have a question: If someone gives you Robux from a commission can you devEx that?

Yes. If you have earned robux legitimately, than you can cash it out. I might be wrong tbh