First ever Animation

I think I did OK for my first time.
(Ignore the tanks, thats for later)


I love the idea of the animation!

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its not using most of the limbs, its too fast and the arm kind of detaches from the torso, the best you can do is start using the other limbs, use easings, and not make it that fast, i know this is your first animation but i honestly think you can improve


Not bad, but definitely may need some improvements such as making the arm not come off when taking off the head. Overall, great job! This animation can be used as an emote for a game!

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Maybe make the rest of the body move a bit.

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I posted this on the Roblox subreddit and I got a lot saying I t was really good for first time and I agree. Bu I support your statement.

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im not saying its bad or anything, but as a begginer you should know how to use the basic tools provided to you

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Well I don’t use Roblox Avatars much
I just use Parts to make things.
I have never touched an Avatar in studio so I don’t know much

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Not bad for you’re first animation. What I don’t understand is why you didn’t use an R6 rig? That’s much better for learning in my opinion.

I like to do things hard ways to get ahead. I don’t know why I do that.

I think for your first time it is alright. It seems you understand how an animation works but not speed or easing. Easing is how the timer moves across the graph (for example linear goes up in a diagonal straight line.). Now speed depends on how spread apart it is from the other key frames and the FPS you have it set to. (60 FPS is the recommendation but for the speed it kinda depends on the animation.).

Thx for the feedback. Will do more

Maybe use r15, you have less restrictions that way

I’ll try that. Maybe I’ll also change to Moon Animator since most people recommend it to me.

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