First ever Blender GFX

This is my first ever Roblox GFX on Blender, I plan on going on Photoshop to add more details and obviously a background to fit with the scene. Any tips would be appreciated.


looks pretty good! I would recommend using cycles for your render engine if you haven’t already :slight_smile:
Also, a background or even just a sky would look good as well

Not bad, I would recommend adding some fog

He is using cycles here. Eevee does not have good shadows like in the image.

To OP @Suvkian.
I suggest adding depth of field and more environmental effects like dust to really show how harsh the environment really is.
I also do not like the poses as it looks more cartoon -ish which I see is certainly not your goal.
It also looks weird that there are pine trees in the desert? What? That’s not possible. Remove them.

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Thank you for the feedback, ill look into Depth of Field and environmental effects.

This Blender GFX looks extremely good and realistic! Especially if it’s your first one ever! Nice job on it!

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