First ever GFX!

I’ve just made my first ever GFX! Feedback would be appreciated!

P.S Just a pose of my character in blender added with a background not a lot of editing as well. So yeah was just getting used to the posing of blender.


As your first GFX it’s pretty good. I could see you becoming a well-known GFX creator. Good luck.

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Thanks a lot! That’s one of the biggest motivation I needed!

Good job! Though it is a little to dark, try making somewhere as bright as this. It would make it look better. Also You should change the text color and drop-shadow color, it does not match the GFX.


The pose of your character doesn’t really fit the background.


Appreciate that feedback! I added a thing that made it darker, I’ll make sure not to use it next time!

Wow, that’s really good for a first! One thing you can work on for the future is making it look like he’s actually there. It looks like you saved it as a transparent png then pasted it on there. The lighting isn’t yellowish like the background. The pose also looks like he is blocking the sun from his eyes but the sun is behind him.

9.5/10 for a first but if it wasn’t a first, I’d say 7.5/10

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Thx for feedback, I was just messing around with pose mode as I was following a tutorial, Next time I probably would try make it look actual sense.

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Thanks for the feedback and rating much appreciated! Yes, I think with a bit more editing I can make it look like the character was there, I’ll next time change the lighting from blender to a yellow.

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I see that your shadowing is off a little bit, maybe consider using an HDRI. If you choose to do that, and you want the characters feet showing, make sure to add a shadow catcher.

There are tutorials on how to get HDRIs and plane shadow catchers, so that’s pretty much all you need. Along with that make sure to angle the limbs so it looks like they are on a surface.

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