First ever UGC Showcase Work!

:bulb: About This

This is my first ever UGC showcase art. I’ve just gotten amazed at how much people could make when they really try. Of course, As this is my first, It is not the best, and I’m aware of that. As with everyone, We learn as time passes by. I would like some constructive criticism on what I could fix and include into this & future concepts.

:star: The Showcase


LOL a coder hat! That would fit right in with the existing coder set. Nice work!


Just a copy of an already existing hat in roblox, Lampshade but retextured.


Don’t you mean Lampshade instead of Lampshare?

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very big brain spelling errors


I think it’s a pretty good UGC concept for your first-ever time making one, but I am not sure if you should actually put this on the UGC/monetize is.

People might accuse you of “copying” another hat similar to this.

Still, I think you did pretty well, and best of luck to you in the future!

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Re-texturing existing hats is a good starting point but I’d suggest waiting till you’ve got a little more knowledge of making meshes before trying to make a full UGC concept.

I’m not saying give up but you should definitely use this as a learning experience to work towards making UGC items.

Hey everyone!

@R0bl0x10501050 Hey there!, Thanks for the awesome feedback. I really appreciate it.

@Vernlage G’day, Mate. I am aware of that. This isn’t completely what I’m going to monetize, As this was just a starting point. I’ll start creating my own hat’s very soon and showcase them. Thanks for replying!

@GalacticQuasaur Hello there, mate. Thanks for the good feedback, As for the other stuff, I’m not going to monetize this anytime soon, Just a showcase. But I can agree very much, This is a good starting point.

@cake3738 Hi!. Thanks for replying. I will take your idea into perspective and work my way towards destiny.

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