First Fps Game Attempt

Hello I’m helping develop a fps game called " Anomaly" i been working on this for for about 2 weeks now and im positive this game will be popular some day but not sure when

About: this is a cool fps game something like arsenal its only been in development for 1-2 weeks and its pretty good, ui is still in work so don’t judge to much cause we have a guy remaking it. i will use are developers work day to night so the point of that part is are developers are very determined. we had the idea to add power ups to the game cause it would be a cool asset for example if u get lets say 3 kills in a row u will get u will get a power up that gives you inf ammo
for a limited time its a original idea so we decided it would be best to go for it

Pls give me feedback of what u think and what i can improve


  • Programmer: Vector
  • Builder/Animator: DarkSmiler
  • UI Designer: DarkSmiler
  • Social Media Manager: BasenjiStudios
  • Main Owner: Verbalase_Notreal
  • Gfx Designer: Designer: Mysterious_Creations

If ur interested in helping out tho contact DarkSmi1er#7993 or just message me on the dev forum


I really like the map, and UIs!
There is only one photo of a gun so from that I would say the guns look good but can not really see.

Maybe try and add in a leader board UI instead of using the Roblox one, as it could fit with the theme of your game?

Also, I like the idea of the game modes!

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Thank you alot! but the map is just for Halloween as i could probably tell plus its not even released yet so im not planning on changing ui the leaderboard one maybe seems like a good idea

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i think that if its a halloween event and you really want to go for the “halloweeny” look then id consider changing the UI outlines to orange or maybe make them customisable in the settings (like arsenal)

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well thats a good idea ill do that thx for the feedback