First Frame of Animation does not trigger keyframe reached, even on loops

I have a weapon system that, in a small way to annoy any place-stealers, relies on roblox animations and the names of their keyframes. Very recently, something has changed and now the first frames of an animation no longer trigger the :KeyFrameReached event.
This seems to occur in every animation style, regardless of looping or not.

This has started sometime between april fools and the 6th of this month, I had been using this for months before hand, with no issue.

Additional, I have been recieved another message about this, it appears that this only occurs on updated animations, newly created animations will not have this problem.

Repro, create a new animation, naming the first frame, test to see if it fires :KeyFrameReached(), it will succeed, update the animation, not altering that keyframe’s name or position, it will now not call.


Someone on the QA discord (@A1_exe) mentioned that this will happen with any keyframe if you name it and then update it, not necessarily the first keyframe.

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